Unable to transfer to new MASM forum

Started by carlottagp, May 22, 2012, 11:23:48 AM

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I am unable to get into the new forum.  Ostensibly, this is because my answers to the four
questions are incorrect.  Having tried a number of times, I'm wondering if the "Marilyn Monroes"
question is a tricky one.  I even tried "neither" for the hair colour question, since I've never
heard of Marilyn Monroes.  The next time I attempt this, I will enter "4" for the horse question,
rather than "four".

Please advise.



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It's that simple!



Marilyn Monroe was actually a brunette, meaning that she had brown hair, but since the "look" she maintained throughout her career included "bleached" blonde hair she is best know as a blonde.
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yah - we tend to think of the brunette version as Norma Jeane Mortenson   :P

looks like a cross between Elly May Clampett and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - lol


Yes- some questions are crazy, but I got luck
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